Tantsi Forever! New Book + Vinyl Release are out in the world

On April 22 2023, Vopli Vidopliassova’s cult 1989 album Tantsi had its first formal release, on vinyl, for Record Store Day 2023. Yes, the original cassette magnitoalbom is now out on vinyl. Bloomsbury, who published the 33 1/3 series, agreed to make the eBook version of my book, Vopli Vidopliassova’s Tantsi, available then too. Here’s what Paste Magazine wrote about the record:

Vopli Vidopliassova have had a long and storied history in their native Ukraine, releasing new music as recently as 2013 that is an unusual blend of heavy riffs, soul horns and rocksteady rhythms. When they began, though, they were an entirely different beast: a noisy, post-punk group akin to The Ex, complete with shouted lyrics, unusual instrumentation (lots of accordion) and an interest in dub production techniques. The group semi-officially released a cassette of demos that became a fan favorite and which has been long sought after by collectors. Once again, ORG Music has come to the rescue with an official reissue of Tantsi for RSD. Even in its spiffed up form on orange wax, the music retains its relaxed, hissy wonder. Listening to this, I so wish I could have been in the room while these recordings were happening and to feel the brutalist volume and try to keep up with their frequent zig-zagging shifts in rhythm and energy.

On June 15, the digital version of the album will be available, alongside the physical version of my short book. You can order the eBook, or pre-order the book book, here. We’ll be having a book/vinyl release party, co-sponsored with Spilka NYC, at Powerhouse Arena on June 15th, and another one in Berlin (with a talk at the HumboldtForum) on July 6th. More details to come.

OK, so admittedly, there’s a confusion of formats, but I’m so excited to finally have this out in the world.

There’s been some lovely press in the US and in Ukraine about the remastered album. Here are some of highlights:

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