Lovely Review of An Awkward Time, now streaming on bandcamp!

We got a lovely review of the new album on New York Music Daily. Here’s an excerpt:

“Some of the Debutante Hour’s songs are satirical, but they can also be disarmingly serious. Sometimes quirky, sometimes coy, sometimes unexpectedly poignant, there’s no other band on the planet that remotely resembles them. Susan Hwang is typically the drummer in the group, but she also plays keyboards, as does Maria Sonevytsky, who also contributes baritone ukulele and drums. Cellist Mia Pixley usually plays the basslines but also gets to add the occasional austere string part or take a plaintive solo. Everybody in the band writes, takes a turn on lead vocals and contributes to the charming three-part harmonies which have become the band’s signature sound. If you have to hang a name on what the Debutante Hour does – which isn’t really fair, given the diversity of the styles they explore – you could call it new wave. They’re better musicians than, say, the Slits or the Raincoats, but they have a similar blend of edgy humor and bouncy melodies…. In case you’re wondering, the new album is too much fun to be awkward.”

And tomorrow night is the big CD release party at Littlefield!

And the whole album is now streaming and downloadable (for $10) on our BANDCAMP page!

AND the band has a beautiful new website designed by our friend Finni in Italy:

AND we’ll be touring out west with Franz Nicolay in early April (and then I’ll be touring back east with Franz before we head to Central Europe, then east east east from Russia to China… stay tuned.

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