Hutsul Koliada at La MaMa

Hutsul koliada at LaMama

Hutsul koliada at LaMama

It’s that time of year again, and Virlana Tkacz of the Yara Arts Group is putting together another inventive winter solstice theatrical event featuring Hutsuls from Kryvorivnia and Kosmach, Ukraine. This year’s event also includes the Lemon Bucket Orchestra from Toronto, Julian Kytasty, and the Shumka dancers from Edmonton. The show runs from December 27 to December 30 at La MaMa in NYC’s East Village. More information about the event is here. This is a rare opportunity to hear music from the Hutsul villages of the Carpathian Mountains on this side of the world and to learn a little bit about this unique cosmological ritual. (Also, if you’re in Philly: on Saturday, December 15 is the Hutsul “Koliada” (facebook event here) at the Ukrainian League of Philadelphia.)

And on December 23rd, the Hutsul ensemble will be playing at Barbes, one of my favorite Brooklyn watering holes.

(Zozulka – my new trio with Eva Salina Primack and Willa Roberts – also has an early show coming up on January 6th at Barbes, and a later set at GoldenFest on January 19. More details on those soon.)

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